My First Youtube Video- Avicii: Wake Me Up (Girl Vocals)

Ever listen to the original of this song (
and think.. Damn, this song would be 10x better with a girl singing it!
Well, This is it! Enjoy!!


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About Ish. Moshisho.

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Ish.Moshisho- Avicii & Alesso

Ish.Moshisho- Avicii & Alesso

Combination of Various Hit songs from Avicii and Alesso!
Also included a bonus:
–Radio Edit of a recent collaboration of Alesso and “A-V-C”

  If you enjoy a great collection of house songs from the two most famous current artists (within their genre), then you must listen to this mix!!!! This mix is dedicated to supporting further Mixes with both Avicii and Alesso performing side by side. Only you can make that happen! Follow this blog and my SoundCloud for more….

Mixed by “What’s GudMusic”
Disclaimer: I do not own the songs that i used to mix, they all belong to Avicii and Alesso.